The History of Kennel Vom Rauhen Holz              

How do you become a breeder?
I often get this question.

My passion for particoloured Cocker Spaniels is to be "blamed" on the blue roan bitch "Nelia vom Gut Boyenstein" an excellent bitch who was the image of an ideal Cocker to me. It went without saying, that if I was to have a dog, it would have to be this breed and this colour.

In 1978 the particoloured bitch "Frauke von der Pußta" came to live with us,a small, cobby Cocker lady, who caused us a great deal of joy. We wanted a ped dog and breeding in those days was not in our minds.

We attended a few shows and after our "Buffy", which came to be the her name, received a V1 (excellent/first in her class) at the SZS Show in Iserlohn under Mr Ado Cornelius, the thought matured in our minds to mate "Buffy" and we finally found the Champion dog "Maedown Macao" for her.

In the summer of 1980 the very first "Vom Rauhen Holz" litter was born and "Buffy" became the ancestress of my breeding and in the course of the years many Vom Rauhen Holz Cockers have become Champions.